About me

I'm Lukas - A Backend Developer specialized in developing REST Backends with Node.JS and if possible with the framework Nest.JS.

Sometimes I'm doing Fullstack Development too. When possible I'm using either React or Preact.

I'm also quite experienced with Linux Administration - so if you have any questions regarding this topic, just hit me up.

If you have a good idea that needs a rock-solid backend, just contact me via Email: lukas(at)fruntke.tech


  • Amethyst

    Amethyst is a simple shop software designed especially for artists and aspiring designers.

  • Absence

    Absence is a software for schools to track Absentees, the affected lessons and the overall missing hours

  • designhub API

    The designhub API is a pretty simple HTTP-API to support common tasks at the designhub Discord.